Sunset In Saudi
(c) Ian Vincent 2005-2018
Software Downloads

All software provided 'As Is'. Although tested, I do not provide a warranty of any kind or accept any liability for any damage caused. Use at your own risk.

All that having been said, I don't believe any of the software will cause any harm or damage.
388 Header Scanner
Select what you want to see and point it to a 388 SEG-D file. It will scan the file and generate a text file of the decoded file and Trace Headers.
No installation required, just Unzip and run.

408 Header Scanner
The same as the 388 version above, but handles 408 and 428. No installation required, just Unzip and run.

Geophone Array Response
See the response of an array from any angle.
Graphical design of your geophone array.
No installation Required, just Unzip and run.

IO4 Header Scanner
As for the 408, but works with the IO System 4 Pseudo SEG Y files.

IO/Pelton VibPro VM Record Analyser
This does the same as the VAPS Analyser (Sercel 432) but for Pelton VM files as generated by their System 4.

A Seismic file viewer (SEGD8058 Versions 2.1 and 3.0)
Handles Sercel 408/428/508/Unite/WTU
Also Geospace, SmartSolo and Innoseis Nodal systems.
Commercial. Not available for general download.

Provides a way to analyse Sercel VAPS files. Many useful
Commercial. Not available for general download

Sercel Instrument Test Analysis for 408 and 428

Instrument Test Analysis for the 508.

Seismatters Sercel File Scanner
Scans a directory of SEGD files and provides a listing of
available atributes. You can move/rename/delete based
on user specified conditions

Extract Coordinates and other information from Shape Files

Persistent Noise 2 (PN2)
Show noise over a 3D Block