Vibrator Status File Analysis
Modern Vibrator control systems can report various sweep attributes and statuses for every vibrator and every sweep. This allows for past acquisition QC and statistical analysis of vibrator performance over time.
Unfortunately, there isn't much software that takes advantage of this. VAPSDB3 is the solution.
 VAPSDB3 resolves many of the limitations and shortcomings of the earlier package -VAPSDB2, and adds some new features that assist with QC of newer acquisition modes.
It currently only handles Sercel data sets, but will be expanded to handle others in the future

Displays can be Copied to Clipboard or saved as PNG or PDF files.

As it is a work in progress, I will only make it available to selected people on request

Download:    User Manual (PDF)
Download:    User Manual (PDF)
Easy Project Creation
Multiple Projects - Easy Selection
Easy Loading of SPS or Source Points from Setout files. You can even reproject to a different UTM zone
Simple Loading of VAPS Files
Graphical Statistics
Status Vs Time -  All Vibs
Status Vs Time -  Single Vib
SS/DS3/DS4 Time-Distance Checks
Vib Patterns - COG displays
Vib Patterns - Single VP displays
Vib Patterns - Out of Spec and Offset Distributions
Areal Display of Attributes With User Selectable Colour Schemes and Scales
Scatter Graph Displays of any Attribute for a Selected Day
Source Availability and Production Rate Graphs
Historic Displays of Attributes
Select and Export from the Database as Text, CSV or Shape File