SM Seis File Scanner
SEGD Header Scanner
Although there are plenty of utilities to display SEGY headers and data, there are few available to handle SEGD.
With the release of SEGD V3, I thought it was time to rewrite my older header scanner utility and add some useful features. The program also allows you to copy/move/delete and rename files based on selections.
As Sercel is the dominant recording system supplier at the moment, and likely to remain so for quite some time, I limited myself to Sercel systems. SMSFS handles -
  • SN408/428
  • Unite (Early Version)
  • 508
  • DSD464
It should not be too difficult to adapt the program to systems from other manufacturers if it is ever needed.

The program works on folders. Point it to the folder containing your data files and it will produce a summary of the attributes selecetd in Setup.
Not all attribute apply to every operation. Some attributes are Vibroseis only (IE Pilot Length). Others apply only to explosives crews (IE Blaster Status). Some are only relevant to SEGD V3, others only to V2. Some are just not worth displaying if you already know the result (IE Manufacturer), so select the ones of interest to you.

Note that not all SEGD attributes are available here. There is a lot of junk in the SEGD headers, much of it useless. The most useful ones are available here. I may add more in time.
Display order can be adjusted using the Up/Down Arrows and the list onthe right.

Full File Header Decodes are available on any loaded file
Two levels of Selection criteria are availble to select specific files for Copy/Move/Delete or rename operations
Copy, Move or Delete files based on a selection
Rename Files based on attributes, Add Prefix or Suffix, alter or replace the file extention
Download:    User Manual (PDF)      Program (Zipped EXE)