It is often useful to have a map of noise sources on a block, especially on a 3D operation. The problem is that some are fixed, long term sources and others are transient.
The transient ones, those that are localised and only present for a few shots
(e.g. a light vehicle crossing a line) are generally accepted as part of doing business and are usually ignored. Others need evaluation and noting for processing and interpretation purposes.

So how do we generate a map that highlights the more significant noise sources, but not the transient ones?

My method is to use the sensor test results that are normally acquired by a crew several times per day. By generating an average of the noise level recorded at each receiver point over a period of days, transient noises fade and significant noises build.

PN2 currently only handles Sercel data sets(428 and 508), but may be expanded to handle others in the future.
You, the user are solely responsible for the use or misuse of results.

Results can be displayed in Line/Point Mode or Easting/Northing
Here we see Line/Point
The program is very easy to use, simply create a project, load data and show.
If coordinates are not available in the Sensor Test files (which is sadly common) then you can load them from RPS or Setout files.
Colours and Scales can be adjusted to suit your needs
Results can be Output as Text, CSV or as a Shape File for use in a GIS Package