SITA 508
Sercel 508 Instrument Test Analysis
A common requirement these days is independent analysis of instrument tests.
Most crews have some facility for it with onsite processing or Verif-I's Testif-i package -
 (, but neither of these is very convenient or user friendly.
Nor are the displays, if produced at all, 'Report Grade'.

I have actually seen on a couple of occasions where the contractor's  QC department has presented a long listing of test results to the rep, who signed off on them as being acceptable, despite all channels showing clear failures  due to a parameter entry by the QC (subsequent analysis showed no errors). This embarrassment could have been avoided with a graphical summary of results, and of course some diligence by both parties.

SITA508 will analyse the SEGD files recorded and provide good looking displays as well as listings.
It is very easy to use. Simply point it at the folder where the test files reside and the program does the rest.
Currently the following tests can be processed by SITA508:
  • FDU Noise
  • FDU Gain Error
  • FDU Phase Error
  • FDU Distortion
  • FDU Pulse
  • Sensor Noise
  • Sensor Resistance
  • Sensor Pulse
  • Sensor Tilt
Displays can be Copied to Clipboard or saved as PNG or PDF files.

As it is a work in progress, I will only make it available to selected people on request

Test files are detected and loaded

Results can be displayed as line graph, histogram or as a listing
Displays can be extensively configured to suit your needs
Download:    User Manual (PDF)
Results can be output as Text, CSV or XML which can be directly read by Microsoft Excel.
Download:    User Manual (PDF)