SITA will process Sercel Instrument test results from the recorded SEGD files. (Limited to FDU tests only)

This allows you to verify that the Sercel or other 3rd Party results are valid. It also gives you a way to see if numeric results have been edited, which is rare, but has been known to happen.

Each test is recorded in a separate SEGD file, all these files should be placed in the same directory. The file names do not matter, the program will sort out which test is which.

You point the program at the directory, it goes out and loads the files. You can then display results.

Limits are set automatically based on Sercel's published specifications. Where FDU408 are mixed with FDU428, the 408 spec is used.

Note that in the case of mixed Gains, each channel result is calculated using the correct limits for that gain. When plotted, the limits used are for the most used gain setting. So, you may see apparent failures of AUX channels if they use a different gain to the seis channels. They will not be flagged as failures unless they fail for their gain setting though.
The program is for confidence building only, not Primary QC.
In the case of discrepancies, investigate and resolve, don't bother me unless you find a real issue with the program.

No instructions are provided except as shown here. It is very simple to use though - even Americans should be able to work it out. It does not currently process the crossfeed test, or handle DSU. If it doesn't meet your needs, you will have to wait or try elsewhere.
The selected directory is scanned and test files processed
Histograms, Line Plots and Numeric Results as desired
Display results Sorted by Serial Number, or unsorted
Each Test is in it's own, labeled Tab. Just Click the one you want to see
Calculate DC offset and Total Noise
Note that there are no specs for DC Offset or Total noise, so the limit lines are arbitrary and any FDUs exceeding these limits do not result in the FDU being flagged as a failure.
These displays are for information only. They may be useful in some cases. Do not expect a warm response from Sercel if returning FDUs for failing either of these!