Some time ago, I wanted to be able to easily perform refraction calculations on seismic production records. To do this I needed to be able to pick breaks, and to pick breaks I needed a decent viewer.
As time went by, the need for refraction was less, and my interest in producing a useful, full featured viewer increased.
This is why the program is called SMRefract. And although it does have the ability to perform refraction calculations, it is not now its main purpose.

SMRefract is a multifeatured Seismic QC Tool.
It handles
  • Sercel 408 and 428 SEGD
  • Sercel 508 SEGD V3
  • Sercel UNITE SEGD V1
  • Sercel WTU (SEGD V2.1 and V3)
  • SEGY
  • SEG2 (From Geometrics, maybe from other vendors too)
  • Geospace GCL and GSB
  • Innoseis Quantum
  • DTCC SmartSolo
As well as the usual shot display and filter capability, it can show
·        FFT of a selected zone
·        Zoom on a selected zone
·        Full spread status
·        Single trace
·        Selected traces (up to 12) from anywhere in the record
·        Decoded Headers
·        Line profiles of available statuses
·        Weak and noisy traces
It also incorporates a database to keep track of failed stations (although this is in the early stages)

As with all tools I provide, I believe results from SMRefract are true and correct, but I accept no liability for it's use or missuse.
In the case of discrepancies, investigate and resolve, don't bother me unless you find a real issue with the program.

Shot Displays
Spectra                                            and                                                   Zoom
Spread QC Displays (Resistance/Leakage/Tilt +RMS and Peak trace and Elevations)
Out of spec listings
Line Profiles
Single trace Displays
Multi trace Displays - Show Traces from anywhere in the record side by side
Examine shot for weak or noisy traces
Change Log

11-March-2017, Build 4816
  • Added Standard Deviation Display to the Spread page. The SD of each trace is calculated on loading the file. Probably not a lot of use on its own, but might be useful in identifying noisy traces.
  • Improved Autoscaling of spread displays (Peak and RMS) Autoscale is now the median of the attribute +2 SDs.
  • Added paste of Line/Point Pair in Weak Traces - see updated user manual

1-April-2017, Build 5477
  • Added full decode for Sercel 408/428/508 file and trace headers
  • Added decode of SEG2 File and Trace Headers
  • Added decode of SEGY File Headers
  • Added Delete Geometry button in Refraction Page. This also deletes the RFC file, if present
  • Fix potential crash on filtering - not likely, but possible with HF refraction data
  • Fix another potential crash on filtering if specified frequencies greater than Nyquist
  • Fixed setup issue in refraction so background colour is honoured on exit
19-April-2017, Build 5647
  • Added support for UNITE
  • Added relative Spectra Display under Multitrace
1-May-2017, Build 5825
  •         Improve Velocity Pick Display (Opaque background for value)
  •         Fixed crash on exit slice display without cancelling first. (A bugger to find: In programming as in life, one should never assume.)
  •         Weak Traces display now honours changes made in setup when close setup page
  •         Weak traces now include an offset limit for calculations (no limit is applied for noisy traces)
  •         Added support for Sercel GF files, both SEGD and SEGY. Channel names will be automatically assigned if viewing in MultiTrace
  •         Added 'Control A' function to select (up to) the first 12 traces in a file. Very useful with GF files
  •         Added Auto Trace Label feature. Only applies to SEGD V3 files. If enabled in Setup, the first 100 traces will have trace names assigned based on the SEGDV3 Trace Label header entry. This is only likely to be useful for similarities and only if the recorder operator assigns channels properly. The limit of 100 is to enhance loading speed and in any case anyone simming such a large number of vibs is likely doing it to show off.
  •         Added code to show available traces if less than specified number. IE if only 24 traces in a file, but 250 traces specified for display, now, the 24 will be displayed properly spaced. The original setting of 250 is saved so if opening a big file next time, it will display as expected.
  •         Added Autolabeller to Multitrace. You can label selected traces based on a trace attribute, and load and save label sets.
  • Refraction report now displays the geometry/pick list for more than 24 picked channels. If 24 or less, then the table remains, if more than 24, then the tables are printed on a second page. Use the 'Next' button in the top menu to toggle between the graphic and the list
  • Added 'Notch Alt' function for improved Notch filtering
  • Added 'Remove DC Offset' option in Setup to allow for optional removal of DC Offset
24-May-2017 Build 6033
  • Added 3 Point Fill (3PF) feature to displays. This allows for 3 colours to be specified for the fill, and for the middle colour position to be specified. Beloved by processing types. The wiggle trace can also be optionally displayed or not allowing for even more display variations.
6-June-2017 Build 6285
  • Added Relative Phase display. Not a particularly elegant user interface, but it's not something that will get a lot if use unless it is really needed.
  • Improved settings pages to reflect closer, the type of display being adjusted.
  • Rewrote the smoothing routine to eliminate artefacts at the start and end.
  • Fixed minor issue with Composite FFT smoothing.
13-June -2017 Build 6422
  • Added Savitzky-Golay smoothing as a filter option
  • Zoom now optionally displays the filtered view as on the main display
  • Added max Frequency and smoothing settings to Weak Trace FFT display. Accessed through the Setup page.
  • Fixed potential crash on Refraction Report
  • Added information in various status bars
23-August-2017 Build 6426
  • Increase max number of channels to display to 900
  • In Spread Display, can now enter values into the range settings box and display will update when Enter key is pressed.
  • Fix minor error in Decoding Sercel Header B9 and in Header 21
16-Sept-2017 Build 6444
  • Fixed bug where Spread Display crashed or didn't show if only 1 line in file and no Aux. Was seen on Instrument test files.
30-Jan-2018 Build 6445
  • Fixed issue of SEGY file with only Aux traces not being displayed. Total valid traces is now calculated properly to include Aux and Data Traces.
19-Feb-2018 Build 6491
  • Added support for Sercel Wireless/Unite SEGD V3 file format
7-March- 2018 Build 6976
  • Added support for Geospace GCL and GSB
  • Added support for Innoseis Tremornet
  • Added support for DTCC's SmartSolo
  • Added support for Sercel WTU
  • Added Post Scalar feature
  • Added Max/Min in single trace
  • Added Export in FFT panel
  • Fixed possible crash in single trace when exporting data and file in use
  • Fixed possible crash in selecting traces for Zoom or FFT where selecting more than available traces

Header Decodes - All Supported Systems
Customisable Relative Spectra Displays from Multitrace
Various Display Modes
Customisable Relative Phase Displays from Multitrace