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Another belated update

Friday, November 8th, 2019

A bit of a slow period lately.

A bit more work on VAPSDB3, it can now produce a surface velocity map. It is experimental at this stage and will require validation, but the results look believable. Of course this is only one piece of the puzzle, we also need the depth that corresponds to the calculated velocity. I can probably derive that by analysis of GF data. I did some work on that a few years ago.

Just need some data and some time and some motivation.

I also wrote some experimental software to convert INOVA VibPro VM files to the VAPS format so they can be loaded into VAPSDB3.

The VM files have some shortcomings, not the least being documentation, but the code seems to work. I guess I will refine it if I ever end up on a VibPro crew again.

The plan now is to get back to SMSim3 and maybe start on a new version of SLX.