Analyse Your VAPS Files Quickly and Easily
Look at all Vibs For Any That Stand Out as Different


Compare Selected Vibrators for Performance
The Sercel 408 and 432 generate all sorts of interesting and potentially useful performance statistics. Unfortuneately, Sercel in their infinite wisdom do not provide any tools to analyse the files in any meaningful way.

VAPS Analyser is one answer to Vibrator VAPS files.

You can quickly and easily monitor vibrator performance over a day and clearly see any that may be experiencing problems.

VAPS analyser is not a substitute for Similarities of course!

It is easy to use, just download, unzip to a folder of your choice and execute.

Download VAPS Analyser

Credit for the original concept goes to an old collegue, M. Antoine Lescoat, who despite being French is a  great guy and smart too.
Despite the similarities, the program here is all mine, and considerably faster than Antoine's.

VAPS Analyser has ben updated to handle the slight format changes made by Sercel in the VAPS record file on the 428. It also now handles files that were saved in 'Unix' mode IE with only a LF line terminater instead of CRLF. These files can typically be read by Microsoft's WordPad, but not Notepad. Other changes include support for the VE432 'Filtered Mode' and warning of 'Time Wrap around' which may or may not be a 428 bug.