This is a first release of my SEGD Viewer.
There are still a few rough edges, but it should be quite usable.
It should handle most SEGD V2 or V2.1 Demultiplexed files.
It will not display Version 1 files (IO System 2 for example).
If you have a burning need to look at Version 1 files, email me.

Check Back in a few months for updates.

**Note that GDIPlus is required. This should be present on any reasonably uptodate system (Windows 2000 or later).
If you receive an error like this :
      Error initializing GDI+
Then you will need to obtain and install GDIPlus from the Microsoft Website.

The Viewer provides a virtual scroll window to display records of virtually any size.

Basic file information is displayed.

You can specify trace spacing and height

Four display modes are available -
  • Wiggle Trace
  • Variable Area +
  • Variable Area -
  • Variable Area + and -
In addition, gradient fill is possible.

Three Gain Modes are provided -
  • Fixed Gain
  • Trace Normalised to it's Peak
  • Applied Gain Curve
Gain can be adjusted or set as desired.

Wiggle trace display. Colour of the traces is specified by the left colour button.
VA - Display. Fill colour is specified with the left Colour Button
Variable area + and - with Gradient fill. From and to colours are specified by both the colour buttons.
If there is more than one line in the file, as in the case of 3D, then a dropdown box appears which allows you to jump to a specific line. The full file can still be scrolled from there.
Displays can be saved in a variety of image formats.
Gain Curve Setup
19-8-09 -->> Updated the filtering options. You can now apply Low Cut and High Cut Filters.
Unfiltered Marine Shot with Swell Noise
The same record with an 8Hz Low Cut Filter applied
Filter Setup