After a brief trip to Oman a couple of months ago for a startup, I have had time to work on VAPSDB3.

It now outputs KML Overlays – these are images that get overlayed in the appropriate place on Google Earth.

Although I don’t think Google Earth is the most appropriate thing for QC support (even if your crew has a decent internet connection, you really need a proper GIS package and up to date imagery), it can be useful to send overlay files to demonstrate a point or an issue.

I have also added a “Fleet QC” section.

This is something I have been thinking on for a long, long time.

The original concept of VAPSDB was analysis if Vib attributes at the sweep level.

But despite the current drive towards single vib source, many crews still operate with fleets of 2, 3, 4 or more vibs.

Hence Fleet QC.

Of course, adding this means I will have to add VP QC for the obvious case of more than one sweep per VP.

But one thing at a time.


Fleet QC at first glance looks much like the Areal display of single vib attributes.

But it does quite a bit more.

You can set up “Reshoot Criteria” where a Sweep will be flagged for reshoot if the criteria are met – for example, the average Force level for the VP is out of spec, or any vib in the fleet has a GPS fault flagged.

Probably the most useful feature is the numeric listing of “Reshoot Required” which will also display if and when a bad point has been reshot.

Double clicking on an entry will let you see exactly what was going on with the fleet at that point

Fleet QC can also output KML Polygons (blocks) to provide a sort of 3D view of things.

But be aware that if outputting too many points, Google Earth may choke.

It is more of a display to distract junior managers than for anything serious.

The plan now, other than looking for work is to get back to SMSim3.

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