Anyone who has been involved with parameter tests will be familiar with the concept of Display Panels.
Considering the importance of these in parameter selection, it can be a frustrating exercise, especially if the tests involve different systems, receivers or sample rates

SMPanels allows you to generate panels in the field.
It handles SEGD data from:

  • Sercel – 388, 408, 428, 508, Seal, Unite, WTU and DSD464 GF files
  • Geospace – GSR, GCL, GSB
  • Innoseis
  • SmartSolo
  • Along with SEGY, SEG2 and Verif-i Sandwich Box

Setup is fairly easy – put all your files into a folder of your choice, direct the program there,
select which files you want to analyse, along with the analysis window and go.

A post scalar can be applied to each selection if desired to adjust the perceived gain for a particular test.
This is very useful in the case of different recording systems, or different receiver arrays.

Filters can be applied, gain and colours adjusted.
Results can be output to a file, or to clipboard for pasting into reports.

More information here: SMPanels


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