Hosting Provider Update

A couple of weeks ago, my hosting provider migrated the site to a new server and for them, a new platform.
For a variety of reasons it didn’t go all to plan.
The first problem was my side – I updated the .htaccess file just before the migration started
and then found the site could not be accessed at all.
I thought it was due to the migration, but I had screwed up the .htaccess file.
Once that was fixed, I found I wasn’t getting email.
That was something on the hosting side.
All’s well that ends well though, it all seems to be up and running now.
But any email sent to me between 22-August and the 1st September have probably been lost.

Lots of people seem to be visiting the Donate page:

But no one donates. I will bear this in mind with future software offerings.
I am getting quite sick of supporting people in an industry that doesn’t want to support me.

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