VT provides a quick display of Sercel GF files (both SEGD and SEGY) and
Verif-i Sandwich box files. It does not provide any processing features. It is display only.

It is especially useful for evaluating pulse tests as the Verif-i
package is very unpleasant to use.

To use, simply Download, Unzip and use.
The program is for confidence building only, not Primary QC.
In the case of discrepancies, investigate and resolve, don't bother me unless you find a real issue with the program.

No instructions are provided except as shown here. It is very simple to use though - even Americans should be able to work it out, although members of the SEG file formats committee may struggle. Note that all traces are normalised, not fixed gain. If it doesn't meet your needs, you will have to wait or try elsewhere.
Click Open to bring up the File Dialog
If the file is a valid GF file or VFS file it will be opened and displayed
Trace labels are as defind in the file
For a pulse (or any file) expand the area of interest using the Display Times panel
The display is easily configured through the Setup Page
Trace data can be saved as a CSV file if desired