This is a 'Pre-Release' of Uphole2.
That means it is not completely finished and I still have work to do on it. But right now I have other things to occupy me - like looking for work.

Check Back in a few months for updates.

**Note that GDIPlus is required. This should be present on any reasonably uptodate system (Windows 2000 or later).
If you receive an error like this :
      Error initializing GDI+
Then you will need to obtain and install GDIPlus from the Microsoft Website.

With Uphole2 you can display SEG2 and  OYO160 files, pick breaks, plot uphole times, calculate interface depths and velocities. It also optionally writes SEGY files.
Various Display Options
Picking Breaks. The time and Channels are displayed as you pick. To Remove a Pick, simply Double Click on the Channel Number at the top, or on the Displayed Pick time.
Display Header Information
Plot the Picks You have Made
Click and Drag to Select a Range of Points
Select some More
Click Calculate to Tidy up and Calculate Depths
Display the Numeric Results
Set Options
Define Downhole Geometry
Optionally Assign Depth and Offset to Files