Anyone who has been involved with parameter tests will be familiar with the concept of Display Panels. These usually have to be generated in camp by the onsite processor who is often busy with other things, meaning useful displays can be difficult to get.
Considering the importance of these in parameter selection, it can be a frustrating exercise, especially if the tests involve different systems, receivers or sample rates

SMPanels allows you to generate panels in the field.
It handles SEGD data from
  • Sercel - 388, 408, 428, 508, Seal, Unite, WTU and DSD464 GF files
  • Geospace - GSR, GCL, GSB
  • Innoseis
  • SmartSolo
Along with SEGY, SEG2 and Verif-i Sandwich Box

Setup is fairly easy - put all your files into a folder of your choice, direct the program there,
select which files you want to analyse, along with the analysis window and go.

A post scalar can be applied to each selection if desired to adjust the perceived gain for a particular test. This is very useful in the case of different recording systems, or different receiver arrays.

Filters can be applied, gain and colours adjusted.
Results can be printed, output to a file, or to clipboard for pasting into reports.
Panels are output in a resizeable and movable window, with a tab for each selection
Relative Spectra Display
Setup is straightforward
Master controls available from the main form
Filters can be set from the output window
Likewise colours etc.
Print, Save Panel Images