Custom sweeps are the current fashion in the industry. But what do they look like?

Sercel custom sweeps are easy enough to display as a time series, but the INOVA ones are in a format that can only be described as unusual. (They are scaled polar values FWIW)

But most people want see other sweep characteristics, like Spectra, Correlograms, Frequency time and envelopes.

With SMCSX, you can create displays that suit your needs - colours and scales are configurable.

It is very easy to use, just load the files you want and click on the one you want to look at.

Files MUST have the correct extention. Only .custom (Sercel) or .SCI (INOVA) are allowed.

Example usage, the display is resizeable
Colours can be set to create the type of display that you want
Scales and grids
Save, copy, print your image