SLX2 is for display and analysis of the text results from the recorder - Sercel SN408 or SN428 only.

My orginal intention was to include SPS checking and replace the old SSFA. I realised though that SPS checking will require some different technology, so it is not included in SLX2. I am currently working on SLX3 which should have everthing.

The way it works is this -
Each day, you will receive QC files from the recorder -
·        Instrument tests
·        Sensor Tests
·        Raw Log File
·        Observer Log
·        R, S and X files
·        Setup file
·        COG file
All these files should be placed in the same directory, obviously easy if you set up a folder for each day.

You point the program at the directory, it goes out and loads the files. You can then display results.
Areal Displays
Line Plots
To use the program, you will require a licence Key. I had to do this because I have found recently that various people in Pakistan and Australia have been missusing other software that I had provided in good faith.

Do not be surprised if I refuse to provide you a licence key because you come from either of these countries, or for any other reason.

I reserve the right to restrict licence keys to whoever I want. Nor do I feel the need to explain myself further.

Instructions on how to request a licence key are provided the first time the program is run.

Example Displays
Production Reports
Instructions on using the program are included in the Download.
SLX2 is provided 'As is'. I am working on the next version, so am not interested in making changes to this one. If it doesn't meet your needs, you will have to wait or try elsewhere.