LAS Reader is an old program that I created in the mid 90s to view Log ASCII files (LAS V2.0) as generated by various wireline systems.

It is well out of date now and there is better available, for example:

Work on it stopped some time ago (when I went back to working Seismic).
As such it is totally unsupported. It is provided here because occasionally someone asks for it, and it is easier for me to point them to the Web site than dig through my old files.

I will probably answer questions related to it, but I am not very interested in making changes to it or rewriting it (unless someone wants to give me lots of money of course).

The download is quite big (~4MB) due to it including the VB4 runtime files.

There is a text file included that provides basic instructions.

The LAS Format description can be found at the CWLS

Examine Parameters
View Curves
Adjust Scales
Select Curves To Display
Stretch and Shift
Generate Reports
Export Sections or to Different Formats