This is the first version of DCFX. It isn't pretty, but it doesn't need to be.

**Note that GDIPlus is required. This should be present on any reasonably uptodate system (Windows 2000 or later).
If you receive an error like this :
      Error initializing GDI+
Then you will need to obtain and install GDIPlus from the Microsoft Website.

DCFX reads files created by the Trimble data collectors. IE the files with extention .DC. These files contain raw obseravtion data from the field and it is sometimes interesting to QC these files and make sure that no shortcuts have been taken in the field.
Select the fields you are interested in and the output you want (Text or XLS) then open a .DC file
Graphs Page 1 - Number of Satellites, Relative DOPS, PDOP and HDOP
Results can be displayed and saved as a Text file or as an Excel file. Files are created in the same folder as the .DC file. Be aware that if you select too many fields, the text output will 'Wrap' This is a limitation of Notepad. It will look OK in UltraEdit or similar editors. The Excel format can handle all fields being selected.
Graphs Page 2 - VDOP, RMS, Horizontal SD, Vertical SD (No SDs recorded in this file, so all show as zero)
Graphs Page 3 - Number of Positions used and Time taken for the Observation