SMRefract Another Update

Three quick updates:

  • Refraction report now displays the geometry/pick list for more than 24 picked channels. If 24 or less, then the table remains, if more than 24, then the tables are printed on a second page. Use the ‘Next’ button in the top menu to toggle between the graphic and the list
  • Added ‘Notch Alt’ function for improved Notch filtering
  • Added ‘Remove DC Offset’ option in Setup to allow for optional removal of DC Offset

The most interesting being the New Notch filter

Although the ‘standard’ Notch filter is quite effective at attenuating the requested frequency, it has the undesirable side effect of introducing ringing.

Above is an unfiltered display with obvious power line noise

Below is the same record with the Standard Notch filter applied:

Although the Power line noise has been well attenuated, the ringing introduced is not really acceptable.

The new Notch filter shown below pretty well fixes this:

The Power line noise is gone, but the rest of the record is preserved.


The SMRefract page is here:


The user manual is available here:




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