SMRefract updates

A bunch of updates over the last couple of weeks:

• Improved Velocity Pick Display (Opaque background for value)

• Fixed crash on exit slice display without cancelling first. (A bugger to find: In programming as in life, one should never assume.)
• Weak Traces display now honours changes made in setup when close setup page
• Weak traces now include an offset limit for calculations (no limit is applied for noisy traces)
• Added support for Sercel GF files, both SEGD and SEGY. Channel names will be automatically assigned if viewing in MultiTrace
• Added ‘Control A’ function to select (up to) the first 12 traces in a file. Very useful with GF files
• Added Auto Trace Label feature. Only applies to SEGD V3 files. If enabled in Setup, the first 100 traces will have trace names assigned based on the SEGDV3   Trace Label header entry. This is only likely to be useful for similarities and only if the recorder operator assigns channels properly. The limit of 100 is to enhance loading speed and in any case anyone simming such a large number of vibs is likely doing it to show off.
• Added code to show available traces if less than specified number. IE if only 24 traces in a file, but 250 traces specified for display, now, the 24 will be displayed properly spaced. The original setting of 250 is saved so if opening a big file next time, it will display as expected.
• Added Autolabeller to Multitrace. You can label selected traces based on a trace attribute, and load and save label sets.


The latest User Manual can be downloaded from here:

Still some more to do, but it’s coming along well.

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