More SMRefract

Continuing work on SMRefract.
The latest major feature is Header Decodes.
Full decoding of SEG2 and Sercel 408, 428 and 508 are complete, along with the file headers of SEGY files.

The 508, being SEGD V3 was quite tedious.
SEGD V3 really is an awful format. And as it stands is not even a viable standard.
Sercel were forced to use ‘optional’ blocks to provide needed information, the problem is that
other manufacturers (US ones most likely) will probably use the same block IDs.
The answer of course is to drop SEGD V3 completely and develop a sane, sensible format.
But without the input of the SEG “Standards Committee”

(Need I mention SaneSeis:

The scary thing is that these same idiots are apparently planning a new version of SEGY.
Considering the mess they made of SEGD, I dread to think what they will come up with in SEGY.


More details on updates to SMRefract, and the latest user manual can be found here:

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