SMRefract – my latest Seismic Data viewer

It has taken a while, but I have finally finished the viewer.

When I say finished, I mean it is ready to be used – it will be a work in progress for a long time.

It handles

  • Sercel 408 and 428 SEGD
  • Sercel 508 SEGD V3
  • Sercel UNITE SEGD V1.0
  • SEGY
  • SEG2 (From Geometrics, maybe from other vendors too)

As well as the usual shot display and filter capability, it can show

  • FFT of a selected zone
  • Zoom on a selected zone
  • Full spread status
  • Single trace
  • Selected traces (up to 12) from anywhere in the record
  • Decoded Headers
  • Line profiles of available statuses
  • Weak and noisy traces
  • Refraction calculations

It also incorporates a database to keep track of failed stations (although this is in the early stages)

I am not making it freely available as I am currently out of work.

But if curious, you can download the user manual by following the link from here:

I will probably be prepared to provide a copy to anyone who can get me steady work.

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